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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Strictly Come Running

Brendan did a runner from Love Island, briefly.

I have to comment on his time with Kate in the Love Shack first though. I really have strong objections to Kate Lawler referring to Brendan as a "sex pest". Brendan was bantering with her for fun (the poor guy is bored out of his mind) and she seemed to be taking it all the wrong way. It really was just for fun. It was all a bit Carry On..., just harmless innuendo. The interesting thing was on the live on ITV2, when Kate was asking him about his past relationships. He said that there was someone at home that he'd seen for a few hours before coming to the Island, and hoped he could see again. Who was that?? It sounded like one of the usual suspects, most likely Camilla, someone Brendan really cares for and was familiar with. I have everything crossed that things work out for Brendan.

Brendan also used his time in the Shack to release some pent-up frustration about the other contestants. But his comments were shown to the rest of the group. He found out when he returned to the resort and Kelle told him. Brendan felt stitched-up by the producers and, desperate for some time away from the cameras, ditched his flip-flops and sarong and made a break for it in his pants! See Brendan run!

Interestingly, he said he has spent the time on Love Island learning to control his short fuse. I hadn't realised that, but it seems so obvious now. And he's done a great job. I have so much respect for him. I wonder if this new side of Brendan will still be around when Craig Revel Horwood and Arlene Phillips have their say...


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