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Monday, August 14, 2006

Traffic To SCB

The trouble with having a traffic tracker on your site, is that is makes you a little obsessive about who is visiting.

I love seeing where people have clicked from. Most people are coming from my signatures on the various forums. My favourite was a person who Googled "sophie anderton bunny boiler". Another searched "FEARNE COTTON HAIR LOVE ISLAND". One person looked up "stylist love island" on Google Germany! Someone else looked up "Anton Du Beke" on Google Blogsearch. Other searches have included Natasha Kaplinsky, Shane Lynch and Pipex Hoffworld. Ian looked up my name and Strictly Blogspot. He couldn't remember my URL.

But traffic reporting can be spooky too. I have one visitor who seems to come in more than once a day. And it's not me. Glad to see their enjoying my site, though! It's fab that so many people are stopping by.

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