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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tom Ellis For Strictly?

Could Miranda actor Tom Ellis be heading for Strictly Come Dancing?

According to the Radio Times, producers are keen to sign him up. A source said: “The show has been keen to have Tom take part for the last few years. He’d be a great name to put in the mix.”

I think Tom would be a great participant, and the right kind of celebrity for the show.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Vincent & Flavia Announce Final Tour

Vincent & Flavia have announced their third and final theatre tour.

Working with the same production team as Midnight Tango and Dance 'Til Dawn, the new show will be called The Last Tango.

Flavia told Dance Today: "It's an incredible experience to perform live in front of our wonderful audience night after night, but all good things must come to an end, so we're creating our final ever theatre show. It's going to be intimate, intense and full of our award-winning Argentine tango. The Last Tango is going to showcase our best work and most beautiful dance moves before we finally say farewell to theatre."

Vincent commented: "The last few years have been amazing – we've loved it. It may be our final theatre tour but we're going to go out with a bang! This is going to be our best show yet!"

It's not clear if the tour will mark the end of their 20-year dance partnership, but with Flavia married to former Strictly parner Jimi Mistry, and Vincent with two young sons, it could well be the final curtain.

The tour will run from September 2015 to July 2016. Full details will be announced soon.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Three New Pros For 2015

The BBC has announced the pro line-up for 2015, and there are three new pros and two departures.

Iveta Lukosiute and Trent Whiddon will not return. Robin Windsor who was forced out of last year's series due to injury is also not in the line-up.

Robin thanked everyone for their support on Twitter:

Three new pros join the show.

South African Otlile Mabuse was a pro on Let's Dance, the German version of Strictly

Here is a video of her performing with Marius Iepure in the 2014 WDSF PD World Championship:

Giovanni Pernice is Sicilian. He won the Italian championships in 2012.

Here is a clip of him performing his favourite dance, the jive, with Erika Attisano at the 2011 Ancona Open:

The final pro is Russian Gleb Savchenko. He has performed on the Russian version of Strictly, partnering Olympic gold winning figure skater Adelina Sotnikova. They made the final. He was also a pro on Dancing With The Stars in the US.

Here is a clip of him performing with Adelina:

The rest of the pro line-up remains unchanged from last year.

I have to admit that one of the biggest surprises for me was the return of Ola Jordan. After her injury training for The Jump meant she missed the final, I was convinced that she had burnt her bridges.

I am very sorry to see Trent go. Of course, he was buoyed by having an amazing partner in Pixie, but I thought he brought some innovative choreography to the show, and he came across really well. I warmed to both of them over the course of the show, and I am sorry to see him go.

I'm also sorry to see Iveta and Robin depart. Both are well liked, and I can't really understand the logic. Robin has been a great ambassador for the show. I do hope that the press speculation about the potential for Strictly's first same-sex partnership did not factor into the decision. We'll all miss Iveta's interesting wardrobe!

Mrs & Mrs

The Radio Times got Tess and Claudia to play Mrs & Mrs recently. Turns out they know each other quite well...

Who is obsessed with property shows?

Who eats prawns and leaves the empty packets in the dressing rooms?

Who loves the south of France?

Who has a crush on Jon Snow?

Find out here.

Vote For Strictly!

Everyone knows that 7th May is a very important day. Make sure you cast your vote.

That's right, voting for the BAFTA Audience Award closes at 4pm on 7th May. Strictly Come Dancing is nominated alongside Cilla, EastEnders, Game Of Thrones, The Great British Bake Off, The Missing and Sherlock.

Make your vote count. But only if it's for Strictly. VOTE HERE.

Sir Bruce Was "Lonely" On Strictly

Sir Bruce Forsyth has revealed that he found being on Strictly quite lonely, as he didn't get much contact with anyone on the show aside from Tess Daly.

He told the Daily Mirror: "I’d do my warm-up as everyone else was arriving. Then I’d do the introduction and stand with the dancers but I’d just have a tiny bit of interaction with the judges and the celebrities because they had to judge and the stars were all out of breath. I had a bit of interaction with lovely Tess at the beginning and end, but that was it. And what I like is actually the interaction. It’s what I do. I found Strictly very lonely."

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Next! Jo Joyner...

Former EastEnders actress Jo Joyner has admitted that she has turned down Strictly Come Dancing because she like to be in control of everything.

The Daily Mirror reports that Jo told the Radio Times: "They've asked a couple of times, but it doesn't appeal to me. I love dancing with my husband, but I like to dance as though no one’s watching me. And you clearly couldn't on Strictly. I’m also told that I’m a bit of a control freak and very difficult to lead, so I can’t imagine I’d be very good."

I still don't get why people would turn down Strictly...

Paul O'Grady Rules Out Strictly

Paul O'Grady has rules out appearing on Strictly Come Dancing, because he wouldn't be able to cope with Craig.

DigitalSpy reports that Paul told The Sun: "I have mates that have done it, big healthy fellas have gone in and they've come out complete wrecks. If I had done eight hours a day for five days and nearly killed myself, and Craig Revel Horwood said, 'Well, frankly darling...', I'd smash his face in."

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Baby News

Two former Strictly pros have given birth to new babies.

Lilia Kopylova and Darren Bennett welcomed daughter Valentina Rose into the world on 25th February.

Karen Hardy and husband Conrad have welcomed a second son, Taylor, into their family.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Ian Waite: "I'd Probably Say Yes"

Ian Waite would "probably say yes" if he was asked to return to the main series of Strictly.

Ian, who is currently performing on The People's Strictly For Comic Relief, told DigitalSpy"I absolutely love the show, and obviously I've been on It Takes Two for the last four years. And it's always really lovely to come back and do the specials - yes, you know what, if they asked me, I'd probably say yes. But I love being connected with the show and doing the specials and doing It Takes Two and presenting, so I do so much for Strictly at the moment. It's lovely. I love it."

Come on BBC, invite him back.

Zoe Happy On It Takes Two

Zoe Ball has stated that, while she enjoyed standing in for Claudia on Strictly, she's not after a permanent gig. But she would step again if duty called.

ITV reports that Zoe said at the Mum Of The Year Awards: "It was a strange time because obviously it was in the worst circumstances that I stood in for Claudia, but it turned out okay and everyone was very welcoming. It was great to be able to do that for a mate and say: 'Don't worry, I'll be there.' It was great fun and it was wonderful to wear a big frock and Tess was so supportive. But I think It Takes Two is my home, and Tess and Clauds are the main hosts. But they know I am on call should they need me at any time. Anyway, I'm much more comfortable in trousers."

James Jordan: ''I'm Definitely Feeling Broody"

Former Strictly pro James Jordan has revealed that he is feeling broody and would love to have children.

James told Hello!: ''I'm definitely feeling broody. We'd love to have kids at some point. The dream number would be two because when you've got more than two children, things like hotel rooms and cars can be a bit more difficult. Twins would be great, a boy and girl in one go!''

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Vernon Would "Seriously Consider" Strictly

Vernon Kay would consider doing Strictly, but doesn't think he'll ever be asked.

The Irish Examiner reports that the presenter, who married Strictly presenter Tess Daly in 2003, said on Loose Women: “I think it’s because I’m there on a regular basis. They must feel like I’m part of the family. It’s been 11, 12 years that they've been doing it and I’m always down there causing a nuisance. It’s such a good show. If they asked me, I would seriously consider it.”

Sharon Osbourne "Too Lazy" For Strictly

Sharon Osborne would love to do Strictly, but admits she is just too lazy.

She told the Daily Star: “Would I do Strictly in the UK? I would love to, I would really, really love to, because it is honestly my favourite programme to watch, it’s so much fun. But I’m too lazy and I don’t like to sweat, so I don’t think I could do it.”

Next! Noel Gallagher...

Former Oasis second-fiddle Noel Gallagher claims that he has turned down the opportunity to appear on Strictly Come Dancing.

DigitalSpy reports that Noel told The Sun: "Some fucker saw I'd left Oasis, and thought I'd be unemployed. So I was even asked to do Strictly Come Dancing, which made me laugh the loudest. Me? Dance? And who gives a shit about ballroom dancing?"

About 12m viewers on last count, Noel. But I'd rather see Noel Edmonds on Strictly than Noel Gallagher.