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Monday, March 27, 2017

Next! Roy Hodgson...

Former England manager Roy Hodgson turned down the opportunity to take part in last year's Strictly.

The Evening Standard reports that Roy told The Big Issue: "We are moving in a different world now, where celebrity is the key. I'd have been another Ed Balls! I’ve never regarded myself as a celebrity, I have regarded myself as a professional football manager, a job which I have done for many years and think I do well. I’m quite proud of my achievements. But I don’t think that lifts me into the celebrity world."

Well, you know, at the end of the day, it's a funny old show. To be on Strictly you have to give 110%, take it one week at a time, every dance is a must-win, you hope not to take an early bath and finally raise the cup at the end. It's a must win business.

Charlotte Hawkins Would Like To Do Strictly

Good Morning Britain presenter Charlotte Hawkins would like to do Strictly.

The Sun reports that Charlotte told the Metro“I’d love to do Strictly but I’m not very good at dancing, so it might be terrifying."

Don't worry Charlotte. Not being very good at dancing has never been a barrier to being on the show.

Strictly Spectacular Cancelled

I've been slacking a bit with the updates recently, so I hadn't got around to posting anything about the Strictly Spectacular, but I guess it doesn't matter anymore since it's been cancelled.

A statement on the event website simply says: "It is with regret to inform you that Strictly Come Dancing: The Spectacular has been cancelled. Demand for this event has not been as strong as we had hoped so we’ve taken the difficult decision to cancel it. All customers will receive a full refund for the cost of their tickets. See Tickets will begin processing refunds for all online and phone orders immediately. We are sorry for any disappointment caused as a result of this decision."

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Latest Rumour: Frank Lampard

Former footballer Frank Lampard is reportedly on the wish-list for this year's Strictly.

A source told The Sun: “It’s the time of the year when the wish list is being drawn up and Frank Lampard is one of the names that ticks all the boxes. They would love to have him on board so we will see how things progress in the coming weeks. He has impressed people with his hilarious appearances on Play To The Whistle and comes across as a natural for a big TV series like Strictly.”

Frank's wife Christine Lampard (née Bleakley) finished fifth out of 16 celebrities on Strictly series six, eliminated in the quarter final. She was partnered by Matthew Cutler.

Anton To Screen Test For Judge Spot

Anton du Beke is reportedly taking a screen test for judging on Strictly, as bosses look for a replacement for Len Goodman.

A source told The Sun: “Everyone loves Anton and he has been one of the favourites for the job because of his seniority and for being on the show since it started. He would be like a younger Len and the transition would definitely be a smooth one. They’ve obviously not ruled out other people but it’s a good sign for Anton.”

I think Anton would be a good fit. He's proved himself judging other shows in the past, he knows the technique and would fill the gap left by Len. I just hope he can be critical enough on-screen. He does tend to be the 'nice guy'.

It's interesting that the producers are taking so long over this decision. Alesha was brought in seemingly on a whim, and it seems that the producers do not want to rock the boat so much anymore. It's one thing to keep the show fresh, but there needs to be an element of what made it popular retained.

Lisa Scott-Lee Would Like Strictly Spot

Steps singer Lisa Scott-Lee would like the chance to do Strictly.

TheList reports that Lisa said recently: "I would love to do Strictly Come Dancing. For me, that is the ultimate show. My grandparents were ballroom dancers so I would love to do that show."

Given that Steps are currently launching a comeback, I think it's unlikely that Lisa would have the time. And as someone who sings and dances for a living, I can hear the shouts of 'ringer' already.

Monday, February 27, 2017

James & Ola To Sing And Dance

James & Ola Jordan will return to the BBC to raise money by taking part in Let's Sing And Dance For Comic Relief.

They will be performing Megan Traynor's All About That Base. The couple stated in a BBC press release: “It’s an honour to be part of BBC's Let's Sing And Dance For Comic Relief. It's brilliant to think that our ropey singing voices can actually be used to help raise funds for such a good cause!”

Other celebrities with Strictly connections will be performing. Russel Grant will take on Chain Reaction by Diana Ross, Dominic Littlewood will be part of a One Show supergroup, Alison Hammond will perform Missy Eliot's Get Ur Freak On and Melvin Odoom will join Rickie Haywood Williams for a Will Smith medley.
The show will have different judges each week, with Claudia Winkleman, Julian Clarey and Tameka Empson among those giving their opinions.

Let's Sing And Dance For Comic Relief begins this Saturday on BBC One. The show will consist of three heats and a grand final.

Gemma Atkinson Would Like To Do Strictly

Former Casualty and Emmerdale actress Gemma Atkinson has revealed that she would like to do Strictly, although has never been asked.

She told The Sun: “I’d love to do Strictly. I’ve never been asked before but it would be really great to learn how to dance. I’m not sure how I’d handle in the high heels though. I’m used to wearing my Converse so that might be difficult.”

Could Jason Gilkison Replace Len?

Rumours continue to circulate about a replacement for Len, but a new name has suddenly become part of the conversation - Jason Gilkison.

Jason is Strictly's director of choreography, a role in which he oversees all dance content on the show.

A source told the Mail on Sunday"Jason is viewed as a perfect replacement for Len. He is being described as a really, really good call by some of the most influential and professional dancers on the show. He is their choice."

There is no questioning Jason's credentials, but I am not sure he can be completely impartial. Jason was the one who recruited many, but not all, of the dancers to the show, having worked with many on Burn The Floor. Would Brendan and Anton be at a disadvantage by not being his old colleagues? But I would expect those who had worked with him before to be very respectful of his opinions. Choreographers are more like teachers than friends. But all teachers have favourites...

Presumably he would have to give up his choreography responsibilities if he became a judge.

Interesting. I just wish a decision would be announced soon.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Next! Mel Giedroyc

TV presenter Mel Giedroyc has revealed she turned down Strictly Come Dancing because she feels she's not quite ready to be the comical contestant.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Mel said: “I was asked and I said no. I love watching it so much, I almost didn’t want to spoil the pleasure by being on it. And it’s tricky for a woman moving into middle age. You’re not the comedy old bag yet, which would be the joy of going on Strictly. If I did it, I’d want to be Ann Widdecombe. I’d want to be out there getting the laughs, being dragged around.”

Mel settled for presenting the Strictly tour in 2016 instead. Mel's only 48 - maybe we'll see her in a few years' time. I'm sure she'd be better than she thinks.

Next! Amanda Byram...

TV presenter Amanda Byram claims that she turned down Strictly Come Dancing.

Amanda, who is co-host of the Irish version of Dancing With The Stars, told the Irish Mirror: “I did think of doing [Strictly] as a contestant, but I can’t dance very well so I chickened out. I was presenting Total Wipeout the few times I was asked to do it."

Next! Martin Kemp...

Musician, actor and Let It Shine judge Martin Kemp claims he has turned down Strictly Come Dancing multiple times.

The List reports that he revealed the news at the National Television Awards: "They ask me a lot but I think they've got so used to me saying 'No', they've not asked me. I can't dance. There are some things I have to admit I can't do."

It's a shame. I'd love to see him on the show.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Ricky's Regret

Royle Family actor Ricky Tomlinson admits that he regrets not doing Strictly years ago.

Ricky, who is 77, told The Sun that it would be too difficult now, due to arthritis: “I wish I’d have taken part in Strictly Come Dancing when I was younger. I’ve got really bad arthritis now, but I’m a big fan of all things dancing – especially ballroom. I’d have love to have done it now. It upsets me that I didn’t go on there."

Although he's not ruling it out completely: “Would I go on Strictly…? Well, I don’t know. But I love it. I think I’d be older than anyone on it this series."

Sounds like the perfect candidate for a Christmas special, to me.

Rochelle Would Not Consider Strictly

Rochelle Humes from The Saturdays says she would not consider taking part in Strictly Come Dancing, despite having taken part in the 2013 Christmas special.

Rochelle, who is currently pregnant with her second child, believes the commitment is too big.

TellyMix reports that she told OK! magazine: "[Strictly]'s not for me at all. I love watching it, I just don't have the bug for it. As a contestant I would find it so hard learning a new dance every week, remembering all that. I think you have to be so committed to it and I don't love being on the go that much, but I really love the show, it's classic Saturday night TV."

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Next! Noel Edmonds...

Noel Edmonds claims he has been repeatedly invited to take part in Strictly, but has declined so as not to upset his wife.

Noel's wife Liz used to be a dancer, and had offered to help him train, but he told The Sun he's still not interested: "I said [to Liz], ‘Do you really want to see me spending eight hours a day for four months draped over some half-naked woman?’And she had a think about it and went, ‘Hmm . . . I can see your point!’”

I'm not sure what to make of this comment. Is it just an excuse not to do it? Does he think it would be embarrassing for her to see him in this way? Or can he not trust himself with the gorgeous professionals, which would make him a bit pervy? Or does he think that he is so irresistible, that the 'Strictly curse' would take over and it would be the end of their relationship?

It doesn't have to be weird. Ed Balls was totally classy throughout. There was nothing seedy about his relationship with Katya.

Perhaps it says more about Noel than about the show... Frankly, I think we can live without his participation.