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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Service: Week 5

Week 5, already? Seriously, where does the time go?
I thought the samba was Brazilian, rather than Spanish... No matter, Natalie & Artem did a good job anyway. Natalie certainly has the facial expressions of a pro! It was a lovely routine, and it was a pleasure to watch. Natalie is such a natural mover.
I didn't think that Abbey & Aljaž's foxtrot was their best work. Sometimes it looked lovely, at other times it looked like they were battling each other, almost like a tango I thought the judges were a bit generous with their comments. I love them, but I just didn't fall in love with the foxtrot. They were not quite as one.

I did not enjoy Dave & Karen's salsa at all. It was off-time, crazy, messy and not that entertaining. I'm glad Dave had fun, because I didn't really. Julian Clary had better maraca action, and I was quite pleased when the music stopped.

I really liked Deborah & Robin's Viennese waltz routine. I liked the story. Sometimes it was a bit skippy, and she lost her neck a few times. It was better than last week, but I almost wish this routine had come later in the competition when she could have executed it better. Deliciously dark. 

Patrick & Anya's one-armed salsa was a bit odd, but it worked. I think it was one of Patrick's better routines, actually. I sort of liked it. I'm still waiting for Patrick to fly. I can't help wondering what it could have been like if Patrick hadn't been injured.

Fiona looked gorgeous. Her quickstep with Anton had moments of brilliance, but there were a few sticky moments, too. It was better than last week. They covered the floor well. Somehow I just don't think she was concentrating quite enough.

Rachel & Pasha's paso was a bit cringey. Rachel had the attitude, but not the dancing ability. Her core is still not strong enough. She needs to point her toes on the kicks. It was very wobbly. I so wanted Rachel to better, but this wasn't her dance.

Mark & Iveta's waltz was quite cute. Mark presents Iveta very well. His posture has improved over the weeks. I loved the emotion of the dance. His technique is not perfect, but he captured the emotion well.

Ashely & Ola's jive was energetic, bouncy and full of choreography. The side-by-side stuff was well mirrored. Yes, he could have pointed his toes more, but it was still fun to watch. One of the better dances of the night.

Susanna & Kevin's American smooth brought a smile to my face. She lights up the floor. She had some lovely footwork, and a nice heel turn. It did not have the most spectacular lifts, but it didn't matter because it was all so lovely. Not a show-stopper,  but vey nice.

I liked the opening of Ben & Kristina's quickstep, although it shouldn't take until the first chorus to get into hold. Ben seemed to be slightly out of sync with Kristina as they crossed the floor in hold. I think Ben can do more. A mid-table number. Not amazing, but solid.

Sophie did not look as though she was enjoying the cha cha. It all looked a bit awkward. It wasn't the party I wanted to see. She and Brendan didn't seem to have much chemistry this week. Sophie still shows great musicality, but she just didn't have much flair this week. It was probably Sophie's weakest dance so far.

So, I would put Dave in the bottom two this week. I didn't enjoy his routine as much as I have in previous weeks. And with him has to be Rachel. Rachel did not have a good week. In fact, it was probably worse than last week. I'd quite happily see Dave go home, but I wouldn't be gutted if Rachel went either. Anyone else would be a bit wrong...


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