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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Book Review: Pasha - My Story

Before I started this book I didn't know that much about Pasha. I knew he was from Siberia in Russia, and I knew he had been on So You Think You Can Dance. That was about it. And it had never occurred to me to wonder any further.

I did wonder what a man in his early thirties would have to talk about in an autobiography...

Pasha's book turned out to be one of the most interesting Strictly-related books I have read. Pasha talks about his early life in communist Russia, his moves around with various studios, and then his move to the United States with dance partner Anya.

I didn't know that Pasha was an established dance teacher before he auditioned for SYTYCD. I didn't know that he didn't actually want to audition - it was Anya who was keen to do so. He talks very honestly about his time on the show, and the doors it later opened, including Burn The Floor.

If you're looking for a kiss-and-tell though, you won't find it. Pasha is very private about his relationships. He only mentions Anya and a SYTYCD stylist called Melis by name, and provides only factual information about their time together. Other girlfriends are unnamed. Pasha comes across as being very respectful of his privacy, and that of those he is involved with.

One interesting thing is the comments about his dance partnership with Anya. The book was obviously written before he was reunited with Anya for Strictly. He mentions that they had gone their separate ways when he joined Strictly and were no longer really in touch, yet now they're partnering up in the pro numbers every weekend on the show!

The book is really interesting, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm a much bigger Pasha fan now than I was last week!

I spent hours looking for Pasha's performances from SYTYCD on YouTube after reading the book, and I'm sure that you will want to do the same. Here's his audition with Anya to get you started...

This book is a must for any Strictly fan.

Pasha - My Story is available now in all good bookshops and online retailers (big thanks to the nice folks at John Blake Publishing).


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