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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weighty Issues

As always, weight-loss is a story among the Strictly stars.

FemaleFirst reports that Ashley Taylor Dawson has lost two stone. He said: "I've lost nearly two stone since I started the show. I always find it hard to put on weight so I was trying to get a bit more muscle on me. But since starting Strictly weight was just dropping off me."

Meanwhile, Abbey Clancy has gained weight, but this is only because she's gaining extra muscle through training so hard. Tess Daly told Yahoo! OMG!: "[Abbey] told me that all the training has made her lovely long legs a LOT more muscular – even to the point where she can't get into her usual skinny jeans!''

And despite being boosted by glitterballs on Sunday (yes, you know what I mean!), Rachel Riley has fund that her top-half is changing. She told the Metro: "I don’t know what size I am because I live in training gear. A lot of my Strictly outfits are being altered and my bra is definitely looser. My body feels completely different. I’m using muscles I've never used before. I've always been self-conscious about my big bottom, but if I have to shake my butt, there’s no point being shy."


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