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Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Panel: Week 3

Blogging about two weeks back-to-back so early in the series is hard work! I must go on holiday later in the series next year!

Week three, and already a theme - Love Week. Pft. At least most songs are about love, so it didn't disrupt things too much.

The jive didn't really suit Abbey. She seemed to struggle with the pace, and her kicks were quite laboured. It was probably good that she and Alia┼ż got it over with quite early on. She had lots of energy, and maintained it throughout. Enough to see her into the next round.

Patrick & Anya's foxtrot was nice enough. Patrick needs to get a bit closer to Anya, there seemed to be some gapping. I still don't think Patrick has quite found his mojo. It was classy, but lacked a bit of drive. I want more.

Once again, I loved Dave's energy and spunk, but technically it wasn't good. His paso cape work was messy, and everything else was stompy. But he and Karen are having fun. He's the most likable contestant since The Grant. We need to see him on Len's Lens!

Fiona & Anton's waltz was functional. It lacked real flow. It needed more rise and fall. Her legs were too stiff. I don't see what the judges see. She needs far more finesse if she wants to go further.

I love that Rachel had a Strictly-themed birthday party before she was even famous. There is hope for all of us! I liked Rachel & Pasha's cha cha better than the salsa, but it's still a little messy. She needs to work through her feet more, as Arlene would say. She's on the right track, though.

I liked Mark & Iveta's American smooth much more than the salsa. It was sweet rather than smooth, though. He needs more drive. I didn't really feel as though he was leading Iveta. Darcey hit the nail on the head when she said he dances too "small".

Ben & Kristina were so much stronger this week. They really connected in the rumba. He looked lovely in hold, and produced some nice lines. There was a bit of hip action, too. Some of the transitions could have been smoother, but it was a big improvement on last week. I think the latin suits him better than ballroom.

Sophie continues to surprise and impress me. I loved the samba. She had a nice bounce and a good amount of hips. She is still cool, but it works. I loved the body rolls near the top. I loved Brendan's choreography. PROPER SAMBA CONTENT! I hope the other pros take note.

Julien got lost in the jive. His timing was off almost all the way through. It suited his personality, but not his legs. I liked Janette's choreography, but it was never going to be Julien's dance. In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if any dance will be Julien's dance.

Susanna & Kevin's Viennese waltz was magical, and her best dance to far. It was romantic and glided around beautifully. She needs to watch her left shoulder, although she corrected it as the dance went on. It was almost as if she noticed and corrected herself. And well done Kevin for making Susanna do a fleckerl, which she executed well.

Vanessa's tango was very stompy. She looked like James was dragging her about. The dance was a bit beyond her. She needs to point her feet, especially if she is going to kick her legs so high.

Ashley & Ola's samba was good. It was great to see Ola actually getting her partner to dance. She gave him content, and he rose to the challenge. He got the rhythm of the dance. It could have more sophistication, more bounce and hip action, but impressive for a novice. Samba is not an easy dance, and he did a good job.

Natalie & Artem's rumba was delicious. There was passion, longing, technique, everything. It was stunning. Fantastic choreography and beautifully presented. I'm surprised Bruno didn't whip his 10 out!

I really enjoyed Deborah & Robin's quickstep. It wasn't perfect, but she did well with an energetic and step-packed routine. She brought joy onto the dancefloor, and even made Craig smile.

The bottom for me had to be Julien. He was all over the shop. I'm not sure who I would have put in the bottom two with him. It should be Dave, but he is so joyful that I think he gets away with it, so that leaves Vanessa.


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