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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Service: Week 1

Opening with a phenomenal pro number meant that the rest of the show could only go one way...

The first six did really well, but how did the other nine fair?

Ben & Kristina kicked things off with their cha cha. Rugby players have traditionally done well on Strictly, and Ben continues this trend. There were lots of recognisable steps, and Ben moved quite well. He needs to watch his top half. His arms were a bit odd, and Len was right that his timing was iffy at times. A good start.

I don't know what I expected from Fiona & Anton, but Fiona totally exceeded my expectations. Their tango had so much content, and Fiona coped really well. The dance had a really good mood. She needs more strength and rigidity, especially in her top half, but it was very impressive for week one.

Dave & Karen were fun, but that's where it ends. There wasn't much cha cha content, and what there was was flat-footed and out of time. But Dave had a blast, and it was infectious. That's what I always want to see. I can live with bad dancing if the person doing it is having a good time, and performing. I think the 'dragging across the floor' move was ill-advised. John & Kristina-like...

Not a bad waltz from Rachel & Pasha. It was a little tentative and a little floppy in places. She showed potential and should do quite well in the competition.

For me, the jury is out on Julien & Janette. I can't decide if I liked their cha cha or not. It was very flat-footed and ploddy. Julien was clearly enjoying it, but I don't know if I did. I want to see another dance already. Julien has embraced the fake tan, though!

Deborah & Robin's tango was very skippy. It lacked drive and intent. There was lots of content, but Deborah didn't execute it very well. It needed to be more staccato. She needs to point her toes on kicks. Deborah looked stunning in that dress, though.

Patrick & Anya had it tough starting with the jive. Patrick had lots of style, but seemed to struggle with the speed of the jive. It seemed to be just too fast for him. I think getting the jive out of the way early might be a blessing. It was very watchable, though, and I can't wait to see more from Patrick.

You could see that Vanessa & James had worked hard on their cha cha. I really liked the routine, but it wasn't very well executed. It was plonky and flat-footed with no real style and no hip action. I think Bruno was right, we need to see more of Vanessa. Her personality didn't shine.

Abbey & Aliaž's waltz was fantastic. Abbey was so graceful. Her footwork was good, and their connection was so romantic. It had more emotion than any other routine. Genuinely moving. Lovely rise and fall. A fantastic start. I can't wait to see more from their partnership.

So everyone has danced. Abbey and Natalie are early front runners for me. Dave and Tony are in the danger zone, but I think Dave's enthusiasm might keep him in.

Here are Saturday's videos...

Ben & Kristina


Fiona & Anton

Dave & Karen

Rachel & Pasha

Julien & Janette

Deborah & Robin

Patrick & Anya

Vanessa & James

Abbey & Aliaž


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