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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Service: Week 1

Strictly's back, baby!

The first six celebrities gave it a go last night, and weren't too bad. No disasters, just a few tentative first steps.

First up was Ashley & Ola. He got off to a pretty good start with his cha cha. He didn't set the world alight, but it was solid. A couple of small errors, but I think everyone had a few mistakes. But Ola is so frustrating as a choreographer. I know it's only week one. I know they don't want to get carried away, but Ola's 'stand there while I dance around you' thing is really wearing thin. I used to think it was clever, now it's just annoying.

Second to go were Tony & Aliona. Tony was not as bad as I was expecting after seeing his 'first steps' clip. The beginning of his waltz was better than the end. It was actually quite cute. He just needs to not count, or sing along. It's not very attractive.

Mark & Iveta had a tough start, being given a tango instead of a waltz or cha cha, so you have to give Mark credit for what he did. It was not technically great, but his personality came across. He had a decent amount of drive for a novice. I'll be interested to see more.

Susanna & Kevin's jive had lots of potential. Like Mark, they were starting with a more difficult dance. Susanna reminded me of a Carol Smillie or an Alex Jones. Her feet were too far apart, and she was a bit flat footed, but it was good. Kevin trusted her to dance by herself quite a bit (Ola, take note!). They are going to be a couple to watch.

Sophie & Brendan did a good job for week one with their waltz. Sophie is a bit gangly, and will have to look after her limbs. She needs more heel leads, but Brendan will work on that in time. She will be around for a few weeks.

I have never heard so many cries of 'ringer' as I did on Twitter last night when Natalie & Artem took to the floor. Their cha cha was difficult (Ola, take note!), and well presented. Natalie, who until her late teens was planning to be a dancer, didn't have much trouble with her performance. But even the ringer can improve, and Natalie seemed to be lacking in hip action. She was streets ahead of everyone else, but she'll need to work hard to not be another Denise.

So, the first night was pretty OK. No disasters. Nothing so dreadful. I almost want someone to be really dreadful tonight, just to make it interesting...

Here are the videos...

Ashley & Ola

Tony & Aliona

Mark & Iveta

Susanna & Kevin

Sophie & Brendan

Natalie & Artem


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