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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Nancy Drama (Sigh!)

The tabloids are getting so much milage out of stroppy drama queen Nancy Dell'Olio, I'm starting to wonder what they'll do when she leaves (which will probably involve her walking off in a huff rather than actually being voted out!).

Today's randomness comes from the Daily Mail (of course). The paper reports that Nancy was so enraged by Bruno's comments on Saturday night ("inhaled two gallons of Veuve Clicquot"), that she told friends she would sue.

A friend of Nancy's told the paper: "She was having trouble walking and her leg was in real pain – but she thought the show must go on, so took to the floor. To then have Bruno accuse her of being drunk, she found very upsetting. She has considered legal action – but everyone’s been calming her down."

Why was Nancy so upset about Bruno's comments? No smoke without fire, if you ask me...


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