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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Strictly Sober

Nancy may be banned from drinking before the live shows, reports the Daily Mirror.

A source told the paper: “Nancy is the ultimate lady who lunches. She only drinks champagne, never wine, and it has to be vintage. She has structured her training so that it is always after lunch and more often than not she will have lunch with Anton who is teetotal. The main problem is that Nancy has between five to 15 bottles of champagne in her dressing room on any given night – all sent to her by friends and celebrities. She likes to have a drink with wellwishers after each live show, and be social. Before Saturday’s show she had a quick glass or three of bubbly after lunch, and then kept getting her glass topped up backstage afterwards. Following her mauling by the judges, a furious Anton issued her with a strict drinking ban on rehearsal and show days. Surprisingly, Nancy agreed.”

Let's hope that her performances improve as a result, or I might turn to drink to make watching her bearable.


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