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Monday, October 10, 2011

Len To Take A Break

Len Goodman will take a week off during the current series of Strictly Come Dancing, as he finds the commuting between London and LA is getting too much.

He told the Daily Star Sunday: “Flying back and forth between London and LA doing the two shows is very gruelling, so this year the BBC have kindly agreed to give me a week off to rest.”

A source explained further: “Len absolutely loves doing both shows and there was never any question about him leaving either of them. But he really felt it last year. By the time it got to November he was absolutely shattered. It’s a gruelling schedule for anyone to do year on year, so when he asked for a break they had to listen. Discussions went on for a while and in the end they agreed to give him one week’s break off from Strictly. It means he’ll be able to rest up in Los Angeles for a week and a half before having to fly back to London. The show’s bosses know how important he is and were more than happy to let him have some time off to re-charge his batteries.”

Personally, I'm a little put out by this. Not that Len is having time off, but that it comes at the expense of Strictly Come Dancing. Strictly is the original show, and that is was what led to Dancing With The Stars. And they have two seasons a year, while we only have one. Why can't he spend the extra time here? I guess because LA is warmer...

It is not stated when Len's break will come.

It will be interesting to see who stands in for him. The article name checks Karen, Matthew and Camilla. Camilla is on tour with Calendar Girls until 3rd December, so it's unlikely to be her unless her producers are willing to let her miss a couple of performances. Camilla has expressed an interest in being a judge in the past. Karen would be a natural choice. She is still a part of the show through It Takes Two, and is a professional judge. It would be fun to see Matthew sitting next to former partner Alesha for a week.

I think most of the former pros would be welcome as a judge, and it would be great to have some more technical critiques.

Len may have to watch out...


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