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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lulu Doesn't Want To Let Brendan Down

Lulu has admitted that it has taken her longer to pick things up than she expected, and it was her stint on Let's Dance For Comic Relief that name her think she could do it.

The Daily Mail quotes an interview Lulu has give to this week's Woman: "I am good for a few moves but I am not a dancer. I did Let’s Dance for Comic Relief this year performing Soldja Boy’s Let's Crank and it went so well that when Strictly came up I thought ‘OK I can do this’. But I think I was lulled into a false sense of security because this is very technical it’s all about precision and it’s hard for me. Brendan will go over and over and over a move again and again until I am embarrassed because I am slow. I have to say he is a great teacher. The reality is that I am older and I am anxious about forgetting the dances and letting Brendan down again. He’s been great and we’re working twice as hard."

Brendan admits that he was surprised to be paired with Lulu: "Lulu never came into the equation in my mind because it’s unheard of in ballroom dancing to have a 6ft man like me partnered with someone just 5ft 1in. Holly Valance and Alex Jones were the two tall ones I would have been happy with either of them. I am from New Zealand and Holly is from Australia - it would have been fun if nothing else."


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