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Monday, October 17, 2011

Kara & Artem Fall Out

Artem and girlfriend Kara Tointon have reportedly been having crossed words about Artem's routines with Holly.

The Sunday Mirror reports that Artem had to cut short rehearsals on Friday while he tried to calm down Kara, whom he has been dating since the conclusion of last year's series.

A source told the paper: “­Artem was in a real state at the studio ­because he is finding it really difficult to deal with Kara’s ­jealousy over him and Holly. It all got too much and he broke down in tears at crucial stages of rehearsals – he doesn’t know how to deal with Kara’s ­concerns about him dancing with his ­partner. Artem has told ­people Kara has been yelling at him. No one knows why she is so insecure as she is so beautiful herself. Also, Holly is totally smitten with her own ­boyfriend and isn’t interested in Artem.”

I can't help but be a little suspicious of this story. Kara & Artem appeared to be blissfully happy as they attended the International Dance Championships at the Royal Albert Hall on Thursday evening. Besides, Kara is an actress, and has herself dated actors, so should be used to seeing her boyfriend in the embrace of someone else, and should know that what is portrayed on screen is only a fantasy.


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