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Monday, October 17, 2011

Nancy's R-Anton

Nancy & Anton are reportedly not getting along, and Nancy believes Anton is trying to steal all the limelight.

A source told the Daily Mirror that Nancy was ranting about Anton in the BBC bar after Saturday's show: “Nancy was having a good old moan about Anton – saying he thinks the show is all about him. Clearly they both have enormous egos, but she wants him to realise that she is the star and his job is to get her through each week. She is finding some of the steps he chooses too difficult, but he enjoys doing them so he keeps them in. Then she announced that he must be gay and was astonished to hear that he most definitely is not. She did seem genuinely surprised to learn that he’s straight and is known to have an eye for the ladies. Perhaps she thinks that any man who doesn’t flirt with her must be gay.”

What Nancy needs to realise is that it is Anton's popularity that is keeping her in the competition. If it wasn't for his fanbase, she'd have been out by now.


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