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Monday, September 11, 2006

Anton & Erin in Dance Today

There is a big Anton & Erin article in the September issue of Dance Today.

Aimee642 from the Anton & Erin Forum has posted scans. I won't repost it here, so it you want to read it, go and join their forum.

Just to tease you, here is the cover...

I've also just learned that after the Dancing In The Street event in Trafalgar Square (which I now wish I'd gone to), Ian and Camilla performed at The Arts. Check out the article for some lovely pics.

Word on the forums is that the big Strictly annoucement could be in the next couple of days. It could even be today. The suspence is killing me at the moment. I doubt the BBC Press Office has had this many hits... well, not since last September, anyway!


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