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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Charlotte Church Show

I went to a taping of the fist edition of The Charlotte Church Show last night. It TXs tomorrow at 10pm on Channel 4.

I was quite impressed. Charlotte's pretty natural and seemed to be enjoying the show. She could turn into the next Cilla or Lulu, especially as she performed the theme tune (which has comical
lyrics) and performed with musical guests The Feeling. That performance was a bit weird, though, as The Feeling's lead singer seemed to be performing as if Charlotte wasn't even there...

Denise van Outen was a guest, and was her charming, chatty self.

The only thing Charlotte needs to work on (which you won't notice on the broadcast) is the ability to phase out what is going on in her earpiece unless they are talking to her. She seemed put off by the voices in her head a couple of times. But I couldn't do it, and with a bit of practice she'll be a natural.

I do worry about the show though. She's got a head-start, but from next week she'll be up against the mighty Friday Night
With Jonathan Ross. Charlotte was great, and the show is naturally placed to pick up where The Friday Night Project has left off, but only time will tell if she's strong enough to coax viewers away from Wossy.


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