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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nancy: "In Some Ways I Was The Best Dancer"

Nancy Dell'Olio continues to be the deluded drama queen that we all know and despise.

This week she's been telling The Sun how much she contributed to the show and how it is "finished" without her.

She told the paper: "I'm a great performer. I didn't like to say this while I was still on the show, because it would upset the others, but it is a rare quality. I'll admit I made a few mistakes, but in some ways I was the best dancer. I trained in ballet for ten years. There is someone in every group who is the magnet, and in Strictly this time I think it was me. No one turned on the television to see what Dan Lobb was doing, or Rory Bremner — they're boring. They turned on to see what I was doing. Ratings were never so high, and no one had so much publicity, so already I'm a winner. Now I've gone, really, Strictly is finished."

I'm not sure in which ways she was the best dancer... Best dancer called Nancy who danced with Anton in 2011 on Strictly Come Dancing?

Nancy has a real thing about being a magnet. She believes people are drawn to her. Personally, I think she just surrounds herself with people who tell her she's fabulous all the time, and she takes them too literally.


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