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Monday, November 07, 2011

Lulu Unhappy With Height Match

Lulu has said that she was surprised to be paired with Brendan, due to their foot difference in height.

She told The Sun: "It's difficult for a person with long legs to dance ballroom with a person with short legs. Ideally the top of the woman's head should be midway up the man's forehead. But my eyes looked into Brendan's chest. It was very hard spinning around the dancefloor with someone who is 6ft tall — it was difficult to keep up with him. If you spoke to a professional dancer, they'd probably say the ideal thing is for you to be a similar height. Vincent thought he and I would have been perfect together."

I was surprised that Lulu wasn't paired with Vincent too. However, the Cutlers were a great partnership, and proved that a height difference doesn't have to be a barrier to success.

Funny how Lulu only mentions this at the point she has to exit the competition. Methinks she is looking for an excuse... Brendan did a great job with Lulu, and I'm not sure she appreciates how lucky she is to have been partnered with him.

Lulu was even more scathing when speaking to the Daily Mirror: “I put a brave face on for the cameras and then cried when I got home. I’ll miss Strictly so much. I know everyone says this but it really does feel like being part of a family. I’d even started to tolerate Brendan, but it was a mistake being partnered with him in the first place. You are supposed to be just a little shorter than the male partner, but I was staring at his chest the whole time we were dancing.”

"Tolerate?" Brendan doesn't deserve that.


  • At 2:24 pm, Blogger Demonicsmurfette said…

    Bloody Lulu! She's such a whiny brat. I've come to like Brendan the past few years now he's cntroling his ego a bit better and he seems to be an amazing teacer and motivator. Shame that raddled old hag (OK, I hate her) couldn't see it. Their height difference wasn't that extreme. The problem was she wouldn't learn as she was taught because the lazy mare thought she knew best. GRRRR! Ooooh, ranty!


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