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Monday, November 14, 2011

DVD Review: Midnight Tango

A sultry night in a Buenos Aires bar. An attractive girl catches the eye of a handsome man. They dance and fall in love. A gaucho enters and dances with the girl. The handsome man is jealous. The next night, the handsome man and the gaucho fight. The girl runs away and the handsome man thinks he may have lost her forever.

This is the world of Midnight Tango. Vincent & Flavia have created a wonderful dance show, and if you were not lucky enough to see it on tour last year, you can now enjoy it all on DVD.

If you like Argentine tango, and Vincent & Flavia, you won't be disappointed. The DVD is worth getting simply for Vincent & Flavia's solo in the second act. Haunting, passionate, romantic, imtimate and brilliant. I could have watched it over and over (and thankfully, now I can!).

There are two extras on the DVD. The first is a short documentary about the show, featruing interviews with Vincent, Flavia, co-producer Arelene Phillips and director Karen Bruce. The second is a short demonstration by Vincent & Flavia of a couple of basic Argentine tango figures.

Still unsure? Watch the trailer..

Midnight Tango is released on DVD today (big thanks to the nice folks at Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment). The show will also be touring again in 2012. See for details of venues and dates.


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