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Monday, December 22, 2008

Strictly Gets Polital

Strictly is now political, and I don't mean the John Sergeant affair, or another random quote from Vincent Cable.

This time, it's a Lib Dem peer, Lord Tyler, who believes the result of the phone vote should be revealed to the public. He's even written to the Director General to say so.

Lord Tyler told the Daily Mail: "Technology is available at the BBC's disposal to ensure license-payers know just how many votes each contestant got. After the debacle in the semi-final, Strictly Come Dancing must make sure that next time there are just two contestants for the final, or introduce the ability for voters to indicate a second preference. That way, the third-placed couple could be eliminated fairly and the final winner could be sure they had majority support among the public."

What's that rolling past? Oh look! It's a bandwagon...


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