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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Len Speaks

There was a great interview with Len in yesterday's Daily Telegraph.

He praised this year's participants: "It's been a fantastic series. Tears, traumas, tantrums. No tiaras – though we did have the Duchess of Kent in the studio audience last week. Because of my age, possibly, I get confused and I seem to think that each series is better than the last. But I truly think as an overall standard that this has been the best."

And he sums up how I felt about John Sergeant: "John's been around politicians for 40 years, and they're the greatest at spin. So John spun it and said, 'For the sake of the show – because I've got the potential to win – I think the honourable thing is to leave the competition.' He comes out smelling of roses, he gets out of a show he wants to get out of, and he's cruising round the Panama Canal giving after-dinner speeches. I'd call it crafty – a crafty geezer. That's my take – it could be totally wrong."


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