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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Service: Week 14 - The Final

Apologies for the delay in blogging about the final. I was at a wedding yesterday (congratulations to Claire & Tim Ayers!), so I was unable to watch the final until this morning.

The final was exciting right to the end, as anyone could win, although it was apparent from last week's scores that Tom was the top with the viewers last week.


It was great that all three couples had to perform the foxtrot. It meant that they were all comparable. And all three couples were excellent.

Rachel & Vincent were simply magical. There was no way they weren't going to get another perfect 40.

Tom & Camilla did a brilliant job, and it was such a shame that Tom stumbled. I'm not sure why Craig only gave him 8. I think the others were correct with their 9s.

Lisa & Brendan's foxtrot was pure Hollywood. I'm glad Len commented on her footwork, as it had caught my eye too.


All three couples had generally done better in their ballroom, but all of their best latin performances were excellent.

I liked Rachel & Vincent's rumba better this time around. I loved the yearning and tenderness. Rachel has wonderful control of her body and such lovely poise.

Tom & Camilla did a nice reprise of the salsa. It was a great, fun, party dance after the control of the preceding rumba. Tom looked like he was having a great time on the floor.

I absolutely loved Lisa & Brendan's cha cha the first time around, and this time it was even better and totally deserved full marks.

Midway result

Based on the performances, Lisa was my favourite after the first two rounds. I knew that it was unlikely she would win, but of the three I thought she gave the best performances. Of course, Rachel was a close second place, but I think Lisa's foxtrot pipped Rachel's technically. Tom was the one I would have eliminated, at that point. I know it's much harder for the male celebrities, and Tom did well, but I liked the girls better.

Viennese Waltz

I agreed with the judges' comments about Rachel & Vincent's Viennese waltz being smoother. But the Viennese waltz is really just a time filler. No-one's opinions are going to be changed by that.

Show Dance

I'd been saying for a long time that this series would come down to the show dance. Going into the show dance, Rachel & Vincent were my top couple.

Rachel & Vincent's show dance was excellent. It had lovely lifts, a great balance of styles and steps and it was an excellent performance. I loved the little homage to Flashdance as Rachel dances past the judges' table. All round, it was everything a show dance should be. It was going to be tough to beat.

Tom & Camilla's show dance was a lot more theatrical, but theatrical is a strength of Camilla's (remember James Martin's Mein Herr tango?). The routine suited Tom perfectly. I love how Camilla left him out there on his own to do his Fred Astaire tap solo, and then joined him for a fantastic routine. I loved the little bit of tango, and the lifts were well executed.

The Result

I had been supporting the two girls for two or three weeks, but I was so blown away by Tom and Camilla's show dance, I was delighted to see them lift the glitterball. It was a brilliant performance, and with little else to split the final two, the show dance was going to be the clincher.

The John Sergeant affair aside, this has been a fantastic series of Strictly, and it has been a pleasure to watch. I don't think there have been as much drama as there has been in other series, but there were some excellent dances and some performances that will be remembered for a long time to come. It was a very close competition at the top, which has made it so compelling.

Thank-you to everybody who has read my musings over the past 3 months. As always, I'll be writing about the people and gossip all-year round. This blog does not die because the show is off the air! The tour is coming up, and don't forget the Christmas special on Christmas Day. Look out for a special bog about that.

So remember, keeeeeeeeeeeeep reading. And keeeeeeeeeep dancing!

Here are the videos.

Rachel & Vincent - foxtrot

Tom & Camilla - foxtrot

Lisa & Brendan - foxtrot

Rachel & Vincent - rumba

Tom & Camilla - salsa

Lisa & Brendan - cha cha

Viennese waltz

Rachel & Vincent - show dance

Tom & Camilla - show dance

The moment of truth...


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