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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cha Cha Changes?

The mirrorball has barely ground to a halt after last night's final, yet the rumours are already flying out the future of the show.

On the plus side, there is already chatter of 'next year', which can only be a good thing, but the News Of The World has reported today that changes may be on the way.

The paper suggests that more of the 'longer serving' pros might follow Nicole Cutler out of the door.

They suggest that the BBC will recruit more younger, single stars and hope that romance blossoms with the pros. And they'll be on the lookout for younger pro dance talent, after the public embraced Brian and Kristina.

They also report that the results could return to Saturday to prevent the result spoilers (amen to that! I'm all for it).

Only time will tell, but the paper implies that producers are worried about the dominance of The X Factor, which has out-performed Strictly this year in the ratings.

I hope they don't make too many changes. Especially as it's many of the changes (dance off, Sunday results) that have not worked very well. Perhaps changing it back the way it was would be enough.

I would hate to see some of the pros go. Of course, everyone has their favourites, and I'd be gutted if mine were no longer a part of the show I love so much. New dancers are great if they are like Kristina, but not everyone would be as impressive. Kristina is unique.

Only 8 months or so until we know for certain what the future of Strictly Come Dancing will bring.


  • At 12:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I share your concern over the future of the show; to be honest, I'd prefer to see the BBC scrap the show altogether than tinker with it to chase ratings.

    I think the show has been brilliant and I have loved it but I would hate to see it become less than it was. All shows have a shelf life and maybe it would be better to go out at the top. Of course the Beeb can't win: if they take it off they'll get flak; if they leae it on and fiddle it into a decline they'll get flak.

    As for the professionals? The cannier ones, like Karen, may well choose to leave while the show is on top.

    I don't think that watching people learn routines is going to hold the public's attention forever. The charm of the 'journey' wore off a couple of series ago, in my opinion.

    I'd be happy to be wrong but I fear the show will be spoilt if it's kept on too long.



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