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Monday, December 22, 2008

Lisa's Dad Says She Was 'Fuming'

Lisa Snowdon's father Nigel has told the Daily Mail that his daughter was 'fuming' to have not made the final two.

He said: "There is something wrong if Lisa gets a perfect score and doesn't automatically go through like last week. It was the mother of all cock ups and Tom dodged the bullet big time. To be honest Lisa was fuming because she felt that she and Rachel should have been in the final outright. Something went wrong and it needs to be sorted for next year because some of the voting was bordering on farcical. The whole show was just one big popularity contest."

There has almost always been an element of popularity contest in Strictly Come Dancing. Would Christoper Parker have made the final otherwise? I think not.

It doesn't matter how good you are if the public is not on your side. And for some reason the public didn't warm to Lisa. I've not really had a satisfactory reason as to why, but there it is.


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