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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Karen Cares About Me!

OK, perhaps the headline is a little misleading.

Another new feature on the BBC website is Karen Cares. Karen Hardy turns agony aunt and answers your dancing problems.

Or rather, mine. Well, this week anyway!

Loulabelle44 writes:
I have only just learned to do heel turns in ballroom. I find myself leaning on my partner too much when I do them. Any advice?

Karen says:
I am very concerned to hear about your problem and feel the answer is really quite simple. Anytime you enter into a heel turn or any form of turn, always make sure the body commences to turn before the legs and feet. This creates a counter balance in the body and helps you to stop leaning on your partner!

However, I must add some advice to those of you who may enjoy a drink or two pre dance lesson. They say 'no drink driving', well I have to say 'no drink dancing'. This, too, will help you to master the skills of two bodies moving in harmony.

Thanks, Karen. I shall take your advice on board and see if I can improve.


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