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Monday, February 27, 2017

Could Jason Gilkison Replace Len?

Rumours continue to circulate about a replacement for Len, but a new name has suddenly become part of the conversation - Jason Gilkison.

Jason is Strictly's director of choreography, a role in which he oversees all dance content on the show.

A source told the Mail on Sunday"Jason is viewed as a perfect replacement for Len. He is being described as a really, really good call by some of the most influential and professional dancers on the show. He is their choice."

There is no questioning Jason's credentials, but I am not sure he can be completely impartial. Jason was the one who recruited many, but not all, of the dancers to the show, having worked with many on Burn The Floor. Would Brendan and Anton be at a disadvantage by not being his old colleagues? But I would expect those who had worked with him before to be very respectful of his opinions. Choreographers are more like teachers than friends. But all teachers have favourites...

Presumably he would have to give up his choreography responsibilities if he became a judge.

Interesting. I just wish a decision would be announced soon.


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