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Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday Musings: Week 13 - The Final

The confetti has settled. The 2016 series is over. And the result what somewhat unexpected.

Round 1: Judges' Choice

It was no surprise to anyone that the judges chose the American smooth for Ore & Joanne. It was brilliant the first time, and they nailed it again. Brilliant choreography from Joanne, brilliantly danced by Ore.

The judges chose the cha cha for Louise & Kevin. It was a good choice, since it was one where Louise started to show a bit of personality. They also won the cha cha challenge, so it is a dance the judges thought they were proficient in. This performance was perhaps more confident than in Week 3.

I wouldn't have chosen the quickstep for Danny & Oti. The American smooth was so much better, but since they only did it last week I guess they had to choose something else. I'm surprised they didn't choose the Charleston. But anyway. I was gutted to see Danny make a massive mistake in the middle. It proved he is human, but the final is the wrong time to mess it up so noticeably. 

Round 2: Showdances

With little to split the couples, the showdance was a chance for them to get a finger on the glitterball.

Ore & Joanne's routine was classic Hollywood. I'm not sure they needed the "massive props", but they made good use of them. The jumping up and down the drums was not dissimilar to the jumping up and down the stairs in Singin' In The Rain. But as Lord Sugar says, "stick to what you know". The performance was pretty faultless. It was big, with the right amount of dancing, performance and lifts. And Joanne looked gorgeous in that dress.

Louise & Kevin's 'journey' routine suited Louise well. She did a good job at the freer, more lyrical style. The lifts were nice, and competently executed. The male pros must have an advantage when it comes to the showdances, as they are so much more used to lifting partners. Years of training, versus just a few weeks. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a massive lift of Dirty Dancing proportions on the big crescendo at the end. That was missing for me.

I wasn't sure about Danny & Oti's showdance in the beginning. I spent half of it just hoping that they didn't trip over the frame as they leapt from one side to the other. But unlike Louise & Kevin's routine, it built to a cracking finale. The final chorus had lots of lifts, and ended with the brilliant frame-dropping moment. I loved it.

Round 3: Favourite dance

I like watching the favourite dances again, because it's clear that the couples enjoy performing them again. And they know it's their last dance, so give it everything.

Ore & Joanne's jive delivered once again. High energy, exciting and a pleasure to watch. Ore was deservedly compared to Jay McGuinness after this routine the first time, and it may have been even better on Saturday night.

I wasn't that fussed with Louise & Kevin's Argentine tango first time around, but they did a decent job on Saturday. The ending was still my favourite part.

It was a pleasure to see Danny & Oti's samba again. After their American smooth, it was definitely their best dance, and a real series highlight. They smashed it on Saturday.

By last last week, I was convinced that Louise would win. She had the popularity of Kevin behind her, and after four finals, I thought that the public would finally put him out of his misery and vote him to win. But of the three, Louise was the least deserving in my mind. I supported Danny for the most part (although I still don't think that Charleston deserved a 40), and was behind him to win. But messing up the quickstep might have cost him. And being in the bottom two last week should have been an indicator of things to come.

I can't dispute that Ore was the best on the night. He delivered on every single routine on Saturday. They were all flawless. I felt so dispondent last year after Jay & Aliona didn't show up for the final and still won, while Kellie & Kevin gave it everything. So to see Ore pull it out on final night and win it, when most people thought one of the others would win has restored my faith in Strictly Come Dancing and the viewers who watch it. Congratulations, Ore & Joanne!

I'm off to put a tenner on Ellie Simmonds.

Here are the videos...

Ore & Joanne - American smooth

Louise & Kevin - cha cha

Danny & Oti - Quickstep

Ore & Joanne - showdance

Louise & Kevin - showdance

Danny & Otui - showdance

Ore & Joanne - jive

Louise & Kevin - Argentine tango

Danny & Oti - samba

The moment of truth...


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