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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Sunday Service: Week 7

Ah. A 'normal' week. No themes, just dances. This is a relief.

Danny & Oti got things started with their jive. I liked the cool, relaxed vibe. However, he looked a bit hunched over in places, and needed to keep his shoulders back a bit more. I also didn't think he led Oti as well as he had in previous dances. He wasn't as in charge of the dance as he had been.

Daisy & Aljaž really needed to bring it to avoid another dance-off, but I am sad to say that I don't think they did. Their Viennese waltz was sweet, but a bit dull with it. She did a neat fleckerl, and I liked the 'tandem' choreography at the end, but the whole thing was just 'nice'. I was also distracted by Daisy's head placement, which looked a bit odd.

I'm a total sucker for Turn The Beat Around, so I had high hopes. for Ore & Joanne's salsa. It had some nice armography. Ore really went for it, but it just didn't have the wow factor of some of his other routines. The lifts were a bit clunky and cautious in places, and he could have brought more hips. Like Daisy, it wasn't bad. It just wasn't amazing either. He's set expectations high with his previous performances.

While it pains me to say it, I really loved Ed & Katya's quickstep. The choreography was excellent, and perfectly in keeping with their Laurel & Hardy characters. Ed showed some great storytelling and musicality. There was possibly a bit too much out of hold, perhaps to cover some of Ed's technical failings. I think Katya was supposed to end up picking up his had on the forward roll at the end, but she missed it. In hold, Ed had loads of energy and made it through from one end to the other, but the whole thing was a bit skippy and he missed loads of heel leads. But I liked it anyway.

I didn't really enjoy Giovanni's samba, probably because he left Laura out of so much of it. It's easier for the female pros to get away wit that kind of thing. Ola used to dance around her less-able partners regularly. But Giovanni just came across as selfish. Laura really seemed to struggle to get in time at the beginning of the routine. She gave it a decent go, but she didn't quite get the difficult bounce action.

I was pleasantly surprised by Robert & Okasna again. Their quickstep had plenty of content, and they remained in hold for most of the routine. There was a nice grande jeté in the middle. His technique wasn't perfect, but as Craig said, he was a joy to watch. Classy and fabulous.

Louise & Kevin had the challenge of performing the first Argentine tango of the series. It was nicely danced. It had good atmosphere, but personally I just didn't feel the chemistry. I can't deny it was good, but the best Argentine tangos provoke an emotional reaction, and this one just didn't move me. I did love the ending, though. That was hot. If only it had been that hot all the way through.

Greg & Natalie's Viennese waltz had more heat in the opening and close of their routines than Louise & Kevin had in the whole routine. They really set the mood, although I wish they'd have kept that throughout, instead of breaking into big grins in hold. Greg gave the fleckerl a good go, and strode out well. It's just a shame that he lost his hold about halfway through. His left arm got closer to his body, making the hold almost tango-like.

I don't know if AJ is picking the music for his and Claudia's routines, but if he is someone needs to direct him in a different way. The choice of Shut Up And Dance was truly awful. I wanted to finally see Claudia stretched out of the twee, sweet world she's been in for all these weeks, but the music totally killed any chance of that. She was way too happy throughout the dance. Technically, it was a decent performance, but there was no mood. She just needs to make sure she closes her feet together. It places she stands with her feet apart, and it looks a bit unladylike.

Ed, Greg and Robert were my favourites this week. I would expect Laura and Daisy to be the bottom two, but no-one is safe. I truely think we'll lose someone good in the next couple of weeks, especially if people want Ed to make Blackpool. Heck, I voted for Ed last night. It's probably a good thing I'm not around to vote next Saturday. I can't be trusted.

Here are the videos...

Danny & Oti

Daisy & Aljaž 

Ore & Joanne

Ed & Katya

Laura & Giovanni

Robert & Oksana

Louise & Kevin

Greg & Natalie

Claudia & AJ


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