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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday Service: Week 6

I'm sure the Halloween show is starting to lose it's way. Yes, the make-up and costumes are amazing, but the dances are starting to under-deliver. I always look forward to it, but it's starting to let me down.

Louise & Kevin started things off with a Charleston, which was not very memorable. They were very together. Louise gave it loads of energy, performing the whole thing flat out all the way through. But it was a bit hip-hop for my liking. It just didn't move me the way other Charlestons have.

I really enjoyed Robert & Oksana's paso. It had to be his best dance so far. It was manly, he gave the shaping a good go. The routine had lots of content, and Robert performed it all pretty well. It had lots of intent.

I also enjoyed Claudia & AJ's American smooth. The American smooth is always better when the couples have already done foxtrot or quicktep, whatever the base, and it's only been a couple of weeks since Claudia did foxtrot, so it was all fresh in her mind. The lifts were effortless and confident. I just wish she had danced to something other than Little Mix. Please let her have a grown up song, now!

Anastacia & Brendan's jive seemed to lose energy toward the end. Anastacia's technique was a bit heavy - she needed to be lighter on her feet. Brendan always delivers on Halloween, and it was a nice routine, but it wasn't executed very well. But at least Anastacia looked like she was having fun.

Danny & Oti showed some unintended vulnerability when their foxtrot went a bit wrong in the middle. I didn't really like the concept anyway, I found the elastic band a bit distracting. The routine had too much time out of hold. Just didn't work for me, and I don't think I'd have felt any different if they had done it right.

Laura & Giovanni's tango routine was great. Full of drive and intent, and full of content too. The hold looked good. It was sharp, and it needed to be. Lovely stuff. Her footfork could have been better, but we'll give Laura the benefit of the doubt and assume this was due to her injury.

Tonight was not Charleston night. Ore & Joanne's Charleston wasn't quite on it. I didn't really like the routine, although Ore did dance it well. They did miss a lift, but generally the whole thing was a bit flat. At least Ore had his off week at the same time as Danny...

I kind of liked Greg & Natalie's rumba. I did agree with Craig that the content was lacking, but that aside it was great. It was a bit 'run, run, pose'. But when did the judges start caring about content. I thought that was just something those of us who have been watching since series 1 did. Anyway, Greg danced the choreography he was given with great drama. It had atmosphere! It was a bit frantic, but it was one of the night's most exciting dances. Greg had even worked on those toes.

Daisy & Aljaž's paso was good, but not showstopping. Daisy's shaping could have been better. It could have had more intent. It was only OK, lost in the middle.

Ed & Katya's cha cha was oddly entertaining, and a return to 'form' for Ed after a couple of meltdowns. Ed's timing was good, although I could have lived without him mouthing 'ba-ba-ba' in time to the music.

I never thought I'd say this, but my favourite of the night was Robert Rinder! I also enjoyed Laura, Greg and Claudia. Bottom two for me would be Anatsacia, and possibly Louise. I think it's unlikely that anyone other than Anastacia will go home, but it really depends on who ends up in front of the judges.

Here are the videos...

Louise & Kevin

Robert & Oksana

Claudia & AJ

Anastacia & Brendan

Danny & Oti

Laura & Giovanni

Ore & Joanne

Greg & Natalie

Daisy & Aljaž

Ed & Katya


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