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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Service: Week 5

Well, Week 5 was interesting, and not just because Laura has got a bye into next week due to injury.

Unfortunately, I didn't really enjoy Robert & Oksana's jive. It was very heavy, just a lot of stomping about. Robert was back to his old gurning ways as well. His kicks were heavy. He lost balance in many places and his posture was bad. It was enthusiastic, but they didn't do it for me this week. I don't think the judges were watching the same dance as me.

It was clear that Lesley & Anton had worked hard on their tango, but something about it didn't sit right. Her posture was dodgy, her head was sinking into her neck. It looked as though the strides were too big for her, and she was struggling to keep up. The attitude was there, but the steps were not. Anton in guyliner, though. That's worth my license fee.

I found Greg quite disturbing. Throughout the cha cha he was just staring intensely at Natalie. The whole thing was a bit stompy, the pigeon toes and bow legs really made it quite unattractive. His free arm was just dangling. The timing looked a bit odd at the beginning. The most interesting bit was their little grind in the middle. Not a pleasant dance to watch.

I was quite pleased to get to Anastacia & Gorka's quickstep, to have something nice to watch. I loved the opening and closing sections on the bench. Anastacia & Gorka looked great together. They're a much better height match. There was some gapping, but otherwise it was pretty nice. Lovely kick sections.

I liked Kevin & Louise's rumba, but I didn't love it. It was quite controlled, but not smooth enough. I definitely agree with Len that she needs to dig deeper to push herself over the edge. It was nice, but didn't have enough intimacy. It was all a bit vanilla.

It was probably the first time we've ever seen a celebrity nearly drop a pro. It gave Ed & Katya's American smooth an edge. The routine started out really well. The foxtrot content was nice. But a failed lift was the death of the routine. After that he completely lost his way.

Ore & Joanne's waltz was a bit busy for my liking. There was almost too much movement, it didn't glide enough for me. His posture was a little hunched. It was good, but I just think it could have been better. I didn't see what the judges were seeing this week.

I liked Daisy & Aljaž's Charleston. It was very together and in sync. It was nice to see something new from a Charleston. A very enjoyable routine, well performed.

If any male celebrity was going to pull off a rumba, it would be Danny. He totally led Oti. He had lovely hip action. There was one arm line which looked a bit dodgy, and maybe it did have a bit too much power as the judges suggested, but it was a nice routine.

What I liked about Claudia & AJ's samba was the amount of proper samba steps. There were promenade runs, pivots, samba rolls, voltas, natural rolls. Her little legs did struggle to keep up at times, but it was probably my favourite routine of theirs so far.

My favourite of the week was actually Claudia & AJ. Another meltdown from Ed would put him in the bottom two for me, and I would put Greg with him. Greg was unlucky to have a dance that didn't suit him this week.

Here are the videos...

Robert & Oksana

Lesley & Anton

Greg & Natalie

Anastacia & Gorka

Kevin & Louise

Ed & Katya

Ore & Joanne

Daisy & Aljaž

Danny & Oti

Claudia & AJ


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