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Thursday, October 27, 2016

British Dance Judge To Replace Len?

Could an experienced dancing adjudicator be on track to replace Len Goodman?

Strictly producers are reportedly talking to judge Gary Edwards about possibly replacing Len on the Strictly panel when he leaves at the end of this series.

Gary, a virtual unknown outside of the dance circuit, was once a pupil of Len's. The Brit, who now lives in Florida, is known as the 'Ballroom Giant', as he is 6' 4".

A source told the Daily Mirror“Gary got to know Bruno a few years ago when he defended him on Twitter and they have been friends ever since. Behind the scenes Bruno has been pushing Gary’s name forward as a possible. Gary is very similar to Len and has a lot of experience.”

Gary himself told the paper: “Len inspired and encouraged me as a seven- year-old and dancing is in my blood. I can say I had two interviews with Dancing With The Stars when it was thought Len might quit the American show. I’m flattered I should be linked with Strictly Come Dancing.”

Here's a little showreel of Gary's on-screen skills...


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