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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Keep Your Arms & Legs Inside The Desk

Bruno likes to express himself during his critiques, often flailing his arms wildly as only an Italian can. But it's reportedly getting on Len's wick.

After Saturday's programme, Len finally took Bruno aside and asked him to keep his limbs under control. 

The Daily Mirror reports that a source told the Daily Star“There have been several times this series when Bruno has clonked Len in the face, but it was the final straw on Saturday. Len told Bruno to control himself and to stop bashing into him in an exchange off camera. Len knows it’s just Bruno’s bonkers personality but he thinks he could end up with a black eye.”

Bruno's behavior has been getting more and more exaggerated over the years, to the point where it's quite cringy to watch. It's not natural any more, but all part of Bruno's on-screen persona. It's starting to become ridiculous, and I would quite happily see him stop. At least he hasn't 'accidentally' fallen off his chair so far this year...


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