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Monday, October 03, 2016

Last Night's Elimination

Anastacia was unable to perform in last night's dance-off due to injury. The rules of the competition, which no-one has actually seen but presumably exist, state that the public vote will be used to determine who goes home if the dance-off cannot go ahead.

Anastacia had sustained injuries to pre-existing scar tissue. Brendan had changed their choreography on Saturday night so that she could perform in the main show, but to perform a second time was not possible.

Based on the public vote, Melvin & Janette had the least votes, and therefore were eliminated.

The decision to not eliminate Anastacia for failure to perform seems to have ruffled some feathers among some viewers, and there have been some very unkind comments on social media.

I think that the decision taken by the BBC is the correct one.

If a celebrity cannot perform in the main show, they are given a bye through to the next week. In 2010, Tina O'Brien had chicken pox. She was given a bye, and returned the following week. In 2009, Jade Johnson was given a bye due to injury. She was unable to perform the following week, and then had to withdraw.

This is a similar situation, it is the equivalent of a bye from the dance-off.

I think the result is a fair one. The judges' leaderboard reflects the scores they gave. Their decision after the dance-off very rarely deviates from that ranking. The pair lower on the leaderboard generally goes home unless they mess up the dance off. This would imply that the judges would have saved Anastacia & Brendan.

The public vote was used to determine who went home. Again, Anastacia & Brendan are saved.

I really don't see how there is anything controversial here. The result is fair.

October is breast cancer awareness month. Anastacia is a breast cancer survivor, and the scars which lead to her injury are those related to the mastectomy which saved her life, and allowed her to be on the dancefloor. Let's make the conversation about awareness, and not the trivial rules of a TV show.


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