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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Saturday Service: Week 2

I've been out all day today, and will be out all day tomorrow, but such is my dedication to the best show on TV, that here I am on the wrong side of 11pm. It's totally worth it!

So, up first were Ore & Joanne with their cha cha. I really enjoyed the routine. Joanne certainly worked Ore, and he kept up with it well. He was possibly off time a tiny bit at the beginning, but it was well attacked.

Claudia & AJ's waltz took way too long to get going for me. Just get into hold, already! Where it was in hold, she performed well, although she missed a few heel leads. She was on the balls of her feet too much. But her lines are gorgeous.

Will & Karen's jive was OK, but I felt Will was too soft in his arms which spoilt the routine. It wasn't strong enough. To give Will credit, he nicely continues when he made mistake in the middle - it noticed, but I did mentally question if he did go wrong. The routine was full of content, and Will had most of it.

I loved the attack that Lesley & Anton gave the cha cha. Lesley needs to keep her shoulders back, and her feet together, but I loved the performance she gave it. It was a pleasure to watch. I actually enjoyed it more than last week's waltz.

Greg & Natalie's jive last week was excellent. Sadly, the tango didn't live up to it. I loved the content - it was straight in with no filler. Sadly, the whole thing was ruined by Greg's terrible posture. Stuck out bottom and legs too bent. It was all too stompy and stalky. He had the rhythm, but it was ugly.

Charlestons always steal the show, and Tameka & Gorka's was a brilliant. It was a shame they missed the hand grab on the through-the-legs move, because it thew off the timing of the next few steps. Everything else was great. Energetic. Spot on. And I want that bathing suit!

I was a bit worried about Laura after last week, but her waltz with Giovanni was very nice. It was a lovely routine, and she danced it well. Perhaps it was the nerves of being out first last week, or maybe ballroom is more her thing. So elegant and way more confident. A vast improvement.

Sadly, Melvin & Janette didn't really improve from last week. Atrocious tango song choice aside, I thought the whole thing was a bit soft. It lacked drive. His toes weren't pointed enough. He needed to bring his feel closer together. It just didn't do it for me.

I presume Louise has done ballet at some point in her life, because her lines out of hold were gorgeous. I wish they had got into hold sooner, but I understand that the Viennese waltz can be a bit dull and Kevin wanted to fill for a bit. Their side-by-side sections were very nice, and in hold it was too.

I love Anastacia, but her and Brendan's salsa left me a bit cold. I wanted more armography. The routine was a bit dull. It was a bit posy. Maybe it was the choreography changes which let it down. Who knows.

Ed & Katya's Charleston wasn't a patch on Tameka & Gorka's. You have to give Ed credit for his timing. He didn't miss a step in the routine. It's just a shame that his doesn't execute the moves all that well. It lacked swivel and finesse, but boy, did he go for it. A good job.

Naga & Pasha's cha cha was OK, but not amazing. There were moments of brilliance, but other moments were dodgy. The routine lost energy as it went on. She needs to watch her free arm, which often dangles by her side. She had the attitude, but not the footwork.

I think it's criminal when celebrities have to do the American smooth before any other ballroom dance. There wasn't anything too smooth about Robert & Oksana's routine. There was a bit too much attack. The lifts were OK, but I did not enjoy watching the routine.

I was impressed with Daisy & Aljaž's cha cha. It was sassy, clean and fun. It seems the waltz wasn't just a fluke. She can dance.

Have we ever had a Viennese waltz as hot as Danny & Oti's? Sexy as hell, it played more like a tango. Brilliant storyline and characterisation. I loved it. Danny is such a pro, already. I am not sure where can go, though. He's so good.

I think Danny deserved to be joint top of the leaderboard. I think Will might have been a bit overmarked. I can't disagree with the bottom two of Ed and Melvin. That would be the way I would go. I'd probably send Ed home, as I think Melvin has more potential, but it would be a close call.

Here are the videos...

Ore & Joanne

Claudia & AJ

Will & Karen

Lesley & Anton

Greg & Natalie

Tameka & Gorka

Laura Giovanni 

Melvin & Janette

Louise & Kevin 

Anastacia & Brendan

Ed & Katya

Naga & Pasha

Robert & Oksana

Daisy & Aljaž

Danny & Oti


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