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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Anastacia Donates Fee

Anastacia is donating her Strictly appearance fee to a breast cancer charity.

Anastacia is herself a breast cancer survivor, having battled the disease twice in 2003 and 2013, undergoing a double mastectomy. 

She told The Sun: “I’m taking part in Strictly for my own challenge as a woman recovering from so many different health issues. For me it was kind of getting in touch with my female body and relearning to use my body on stage as a singer. I felt like when I was offered the opportunity I couldn’t say no. Dancing brings you closer to your womanly side and I’m kind of getting in touch with my female parts that are new, as they’re only a couple of years old.”

She also revealed that the surgery she has endured might make Strictly a challenge: "I had radical treatment on my back where muscles were removed for the cancer surgery so my arm movement is a little bit restricted. I have these huge scars on my back and the costumes are very revealing and they are going to work with me to hide them or make them less visible.”


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