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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Strictly Too Hard For Kirstie

TV presenter Kirstie Allsop would love to have done Strictly in the past, but it's too difficult now.

Kirstie told DigitalSpy: "I would have done Strictly in the past, but when there was an opportunity to do it I wasn't able to do it. And now I wouldn't do it, because it's so much bigger a beast, so much more time away from the children, and it just is so much more difficult. Denise Lewis is a friend of mine and she says it is much more than it was when she did it [Series 2]. And it's much more competitive and a lot of people train for much longer and everything."

I do understand how she feels, but it is a shame because I think Kirstie would be great. I think she'd really give it a good go.

Perhaps she'll turn up on a special...


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