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Monday, March 07, 2016

Tristan Quits Strictly

Tristan MacManus has quietly announced he will not be returning to Strictly Come Dancing, stating "it is not for me".

Tristan gave the news in an interview published today on fansite He told the site: "I think over the time I have been there I have realized more and more that it is not for me. I think the show needs someone a lot different to me on the show to get what they want, and I need something a lot different to make me happy and get what I want out of it. I think there will be a lot of changes on the show, and I have enjoyed it for the most part but right now I just need a break from it all. This kind of goes hand in hand with the other question in that you can do whatever it is you want to do but when you have to start doing things you don't, then you have to decide if it’s for you or not. You can be a dancer or you can be a dancer on a TV show and with that comes a whole other bag. It can be fun, but I’d sooner leave it as it is then spend all my time complaining about it."

It sounds as though there are some aspects of the show, including being a 'celebrity', that he doesn't like and wants to get on with just doing a job. I don't blame him. 

Tristan did five series of Dancing With The Stars in the US, before joining Strictly. I wonder if there was something about the UK production that he'd had enough of. Or maybe just the UK media.

Either way, it means we'll need a new male pro this year. Or perhaps the return of someone fans really would like to see back on the show, such as Ian or Robin.


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