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Monday, January 04, 2016

Georgia & Giovanni Spend New Year At Disneyland

Georgia & Giovanni were spotted seeing the new year in together at Disneyland Paris, which has promoted the tabloids to report that they are now a couple.

An onlooker told the Sun on Sunday“They were definitely trying to keep a low profile, but seemed really besotted. I almost didn’t recognise Georgia when I saw her. But once I’d seen them both, it was a real surprise to see how much they were behaving like a couple. They were kissing in full view of lots of people. People definitely started to notice them in the hotel."

The Daily Mail report that Georgia and boyfriend Sean Ward ended their relationship shortly after the Strictly final, which took place on 19th December, due to Sean's discomfort with Georgia's relationship with Giovanni.

A source told the paper: "Georgia was very fond of Sean and she cared for him deeply, but he found it difficult to get over the close friendship she had with Giovanni. It was Sean who pushed Georgia away, he didn't feel secure in their relationship and it led to huge rows."

I am not going to get into a debate about the Strictly 'curse'. If Georgia and Giovanni are both single, good luck to them both.

I can see how easy it might be to fall for someone you are spending all that time with, especially when you are pressed up against each other all day for three months, but for every relationship which ends as a result of Strictly, there are plenty more which come out completely unscathed.


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