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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saturday Suppositions: Week 11

One last theme week - musicals. Because musicals are very different to movies.

Georgia & Giovanni's Beauty & The Beast foxtrot was lovely, but not all that interesting. It looked as though Georgia might have missed some heel leads, although it was difficult to tell because of the camera angles and her long dress. But otherwise it was great.

The Argentine tango was not Anita & Gleb's best routine, but it was good. It would have looked neater if she had pointed her toes. Once again, it was well performed, but it was all directed at us, and not at each other. I wanted to see more of a connection.

Kellie & Kevin's Viennese waltz was perfectly suited to Kellie, who was able to act her socks off. The actual waltz content was great, and they did a lovely fleckerl too. A fantastic performance.

I adored Jay & Aliona's rumba. Rumba is always difficult for the fellas, but Jay did a brilliant job. He was masculine and tender at the same time. His lines were lovely, and he presented Aliona beautifully as well. And he is also finding his emotion. He didn't just dance, he performed.

Katie & Anton couldn't fail to impress with a foxtrot. Katie was in control and sexy for the opening and ending, and well looked after by Anton when in hold. And of course, we saw yet more pivots!

Helen & Aljaž's paso was great, although Helen lacked control, which was especially noticeable at the end of the number when she wobbled. The song choice wasn't great, but they did the best they could with it.

It's so hard to choose a bottom two. I think Georgia and Helen ended up there because their dances were among the least interesting. If I had been in the judges' shoes, I'd have saved Georgia too. She's more rounded, while Helen as struggled with her 'stiffness'. She's had some amazing weeks, but hasn't quite been as consistent as Georgia.

Here are the videos...

Georgia & Giovanni

Anita & Gleb

Kellie & Kevin

Jay & Aliona

Katie & Anton

Helen & Aljaž


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