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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saturday Suppositions: Week 10

I have been on holiday for the last couple of weeks, so this is my first opportunity to write about the shows I missed.

Kellie & Kevin's salsa wasn't their best dance, but it was pretty good. It was a little messy getting into the first lift, but otherwise it was solid.

Katie & Anton's Argentine tango failed to move me, because it just wasn't slick enough. Katie didn't push into the ground enough. Her legs looked out of control in places, and she didn't straighten them enough. The whole thing lacked intimacy, too. It lacked chemistry, which is unusual for this couple.

I loved Helen & Aljaž's Viennese waltz. It was stunning. Elegant, classy, romantic. The routine had great musicality, and plenty of the dance was in hold, kept the dance from feeling too much like an American smooth. The fleckerl was nicely executed. One of Helen's best dances.

Jay & Aliona's tango was a complete change of pace, and another amazing dance. It was pure tango from start to finish. Jay completely nailed the feel of the dance. It was intense and sharp. Great chemistry and musicality. I loved it, one of the best tangos of the series.

Peter & Janette's American smooth wasn't quite as good as the dances which preceded it. It was a little stompy in places. You could see Peter had tried to work on his footwork, but it wasn't quite right. It just wasn't good enough for this stage of the competition.

I liked Anita & Gleb's rumba. Anita completely commits to every dance she attempts. She did some funny things with her arms on the rumba walks, which I think is what Craig meant by spiky, but the rest of the dance was pretty fluid, and she hit some lovely lines. The dance had lots of passion and longing, but there wasn't enough of a connection between Anita and Gleb to make the dance truly special. Their partnership is just a little too professional to believe there could be any romance.

I loved that Georgia started the paso doble by herself, she looked so strong and focused. Her flamenco arms were gorgeous. In hold with Giovanni was just as lovely. It was a great routine, and I loved it.

I liked the idea of the Quickstep-a-thon, but the problem is that you can't watch it properly on TV, because you can only watch what the director decides. I'm sure for those in the studio, they were able to determine who was the best, but it's impossible for us to do that. If ever there was a case for the reintroduction of the fixed camera footage, this was it. This was really unfair on the male celebrities, who have to lead. Jay did a reasonable job, but Peter seemed to stick to the middle of the floor out of trouble, and didn't travel as well.

I think it was right for Peter to go home, and it wasn't a huge surprise to see Kellie in the dance off, although I probably would have put Katie in her place.

Here are the videos...

Kellie & Kevin

Katie & Anton

Helen & Aljaž

Jay & Aliona

Peter & Janette

Anita & Gleb

Georgia & Giovanni



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