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Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Musings: Week 13 - The Final

Everyone gets excited about the final, but it was hard to muster up enthusiasm when you pretty much know who is going to win. Last year, we all pretty much knew it would be unlikely that Caroline wouldn't win. This year, it was Jay.

Round 1: Judges' Choice

Jay & Aliona were given the quickstep to dance again, and it was much better than their original performance in Week 4. Jay made a few mistakes in the original performance, but this was much cleaner, and despite a little gapping, it was a very slick performance. However, I was never that fond of the routine, mostly because of the music. I didn't like it much better this time around.

The judges decided that Georgia & Giovanni should do a rumba in the final, but not the one they originally did. Instead, Giovanni should choreograph something the judges might like, in the hope of getting better judges' scores which, this being the final, are completely meaningless. What we ended up with was something which was generally the same at the original, but with a big section of basic in the middle. Georgia performed it beautifully, giving it drama and flair.

Kellie & Kevin had to perform their tango from Week 1 once again. I wasn't that fond of the routine the first time around, but that wasn't to do with Kellie's performance, but rather the song and the choreography. I didn't really like it any better in the final, but Kellie's performance was outstanding, and was deserving of a 40.

Katie & Anton sadly didn't nail the reprise of the quickstep. In fact, we saw the usual level of little errors from Katie, the same lapses in concentration we've seen all series. She pretty much just demonstrated why she should never have been in the final in the first place.

Round 2: Showdances

Apparently, it's the showdance where the rulebook gets thrown out of the window. Most of us having been wondering where the rulebook has been all series.

When you're a dead cert to win, what's the point of putting in any effort into the showdance? You should just rehash what you've done already. Put in some sexy lifts to make it more interesting? Nah. Just stick a Spiderman kiss without the kiss in at the beginning to tease the tabloids, and hope the audience doesn't drop off by the end. Aliona, prop queen, didn't even give us any props to distract us from the tedium. I have a feeling this showdance will be remembered for being so forgettable. Poor Jay. He was capable of so much.

Georgia & Giovanni opted for a blindfolded section to start their showdance. It does demonstrate what a good dancer she is, but I don't really like it. Karen Clifton used to do a blindfolded number in Burn The Floor with about six male dancers, which I always found creepy. Perhaps that's where Giovanni got the idea. That aside, it was a pleasant routine. Not really a show stopper, but nice. I'm not sure why Giovanni was wearing Helen's rumba shirt, though.

Kellie & Kevin took a risk by doing a dance style they had not done before - lindy hop. It paid off. The routine was high-energy and had lots of 'show'. The lifts were typical of the ones we've seen in the Charlestons this series, so not heart-stopping, but effective. It was a packed routine, and I would happily watch it again.

Katie & Anton had a very dramatic music choice in O Fortuna (it's no coincidence that Anton & Erin have used it for their show routines), but sadly Katie could not live up to the epicness of the track. Katie skipped and mis-stepped all over the place. When we got to the end of the routine, I can see why Katie might have been nervous. Bless her for doing that drop. It shows the trust between her and Anton. But sadly, it wasn't great. Still more interesting than Jay & Aliona, though.

It came as a shock to no-one that Katie was out first. She'd been in the dance-off the week before. Anton's victory will have to wait a bit longer...

Round 3 - Favourite Dance

When you're a dead cert to win, why should you have to perform the most popular dance of the series again? Claim the moment you topped the leaderboard in Week 3 was 'too special', and perform something else instead. Like the paso, which no-one remembers, which put you third on the leaderboard and scored only 33. Yeah, do that. You're going to win anyway. Not performing the jive again could have backfired on Jay & Aliona. Luckily for them, it didn't.

Georgia & Giovanni definitely performed their favourite dance again, which was thankfully mine too. I loved Georgia's Charleston just as much second go around. It was brilliant to see it again.

It was a very shrewd move for Kellie & Kevin to reprise their Star Wars Charleston on the week the new movie came out. It was a damn good move, too, since it was a great routine. It was a shame it had to follow Georgia & Giovanni's Charleston, as it wasn't quite as good, but I still bloody loved it.

The final result was a bit of a let-down. Georgia and Kellie gave all three routines everything. I know Jay did too, but it felt as though all he had to do was turn up in order to win. I had wanted Jay to win since the beginning, but I really didn't feel that he deserved it when the time eventually came. I just felt like either of the girls deserved it more on the night. I think that the problem was that any votes Jay lost would have been split between Kellie and Georgia, and neither one was a able to get enough votes. Jay & Aliona could have been punished for some poor choices in the final, and after sitting through both shows, I kind of wished they had been.

See you in 2016!

Here are the videos...

Jay & Aliona - Quickstep

Georgia & Giovanni - Rumba

Kellie & Kevin - Tango

Katie & Anton - Quickstep

Jay & Aliona - Showdance

Georgia & Giovanni - Showdance

Kellie & Kevin - Showdance

Katie & Anton - Showdance

Jay & Aliona - Paso doble

Georgia & Giovanni - Charleston

Kellie & Kevin - Charleston

The moment of truth...


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