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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Artem Denies Kicking Allegations

Artem Chigvintsev has denied Fern Britton's claims that he would kick and shove her during training sessions.

Artem told the Daily Mirror: "Recent statements apparently made by Fern Britton, whilst not reflecting any situation I recognise, are difficult to ignore. I believe I treated Fern with respect and genuine care, and these claims about me are the opposite of everything I believe in and the person I am. I cannot imagine what has prompted such statements which come as a shock to me. I just want to thank all my fans and friends for their support and belief in me."

I can imagine that Artem, striving for perfection, may have been quite aggressive in the training room. He may well have pushed and pulled her into position. It's what some teachers do in order to make sure the pupil has the right position. I suspect it was a case of Fern not understanding, and not being used to, Artem's teaching methods. I doubt that any harm was intended.


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