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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

CRH Expects Same-Sex Pairs On Strictly

Strictly judge Craig Revel Horwood believes that Strictly will get a same-sex pairing, possibly as soon as this year.

He told OK! magazine: “A same sex couple on Strictly – that is on the cards. It’ll be either this year or next year, but most certainly, it will happen. They did it already in Hungary or somewhere. We should encourage that sort of thing, absolutely. There are competitions throughout the world that have same sex couple, you just have to decide who goes backwards, darling!”

I think that a same-sex pairing would be a great idea, but I would hate for any gay celebrity who takes part to feel pressured to do so. 

It seemed more likely when Robin Windsor was a pro. I just can't see the producers pairing any of the straight male dancers with a celebrity of the same sex. Perhaps it would be more likely that they would pair a female celebrity with a female pro.

Being in a same-sex couple could be both an advantage and a disadvantage for the couple concerned. I would want the same-sex couple to be treated and judged in the same way as a mixed sex couple. I believe that the judges would do so, but I am not convinced that the British public would. For some, they would be a novelty to be voted though - just like an Ann Widdecombe or John Seargent. For others, a same-sex pairing might be a step too far.

I do genuinely think it's a good idea, as long as it is handled correctly. It would be nice for the public to understand that anyone can learn to lead and anyone can follow.

Actually, that's given me a brilliant idea. Here's my idea for a theme week - role swap week. That means that for one week only, the couples must switch roles, so the women would lead, and the men would follow. Len always remarks that it's harder for the male celebrities, as they have to lead. What if, for one week, they didn't? 


  • At 2:30 pm, Blogger msHedgehog said…

    Quite agree - I too would hate for someone to feel pressured about the gender role-play aspect of partner dancing, just because of their sexuality, that not being at all the same kind of thing. I like your idea, which is much more adventurous really - and perhaps also more complicated to explain to the public. But I am super curious to know how much difference it would really make in this type of choreography. I should think they've already developed some good workarounds.


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