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Monday, June 01, 2015

Kristina Remains Tight-Lipped Over Ben Cohen

Kristina Rihanoff is remaining tight-lipped over the rumours that her relationship with Ben Cohen is not strictly a professional one, but is upset about her negative portrayal in the press.

She told the Mail On Sunday: "I am a normal human being, maybe I have not always done the right thing. I make mistakes but I do not have to be crucified for them. My past should be allowed to be my past. People say I don’t care about criticism but I do, I do care, it makes me cry for days, for weeks."

Kristina doesn't deny a relationship, though, saying: "We are both single people. We enjoy each other’s company. We work together. Who knows what the future will hold. I do not owe it to the whole country to speak about my private life because it’s just that, private."


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