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Monday, December 01, 2014

Judges Banned From Discussing Dance-Off

Len Goodman has revealed that the judges are completely banned from talking during the dance-off, so that they cannot confer. They also enter their decisions on their keypads as soon as the dance is over, which probably explains why the judges do not appear to agonise over their decisions as much as they used to.

Len explained to the Daily Star: “They are very important about the compliances on the show and that you do everything correct and there are people who check. You have to vote who you want to save straight away. You don’t see what the others have done. You don’t have a little chit-chat and say: ‘What shall we do?’ Oh no, there is no communication. You press a button if you want to save Number One or Number Two. You press it and then what happens, happens.”


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