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Sunday, November 23, 2014

CD Review: Strictly Come Dancing

The Strictly Come Dancing Band are back with a new album of Strictly music, the first since 2008.

Strictly Come Dancing albumIf you have listened to either of the previous Strictly albums, you will know what to expect, and the new album doesn't stray from the winning formula.

The songs feature the vocals of the regular Strictly singers - Tommy Blaize, Lance Ellington, Chris Madin, Andrea Grant and Hayley Sanderson. The length of the tracks is as they are on TV, around 90-100 seconds, so they have performed 38 favourites and, of course, the famous theme tune.

Many of the songs instantly took me back to the dancefloor. Don't Get Me Wrong took me straight back to Harry & Aliona's final-winning quickstep in Blackpool. Tears Dry On There Own transported me to Lisa & Brendan's charming cha cha. And Andrea's stunning vocal on Goldeneye can only conjure up the original Mark & Karen (Ramprakash & Hardy) and their moody Argentine tango.

There is also one original song, the samba-twanged Dance Tonight, which was written by Dave Arch, Tommy Blaize and Trevor 'The Hat' Barry.

The whole album will make everyone get up an dance, and would make a great Christmas present for any Strictly fan.

The album is released tomorrow, 23rd November 2014.


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