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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Has Steve Had Enough?

Steve Backshall has reportedly had enough of Strictly, and is keen to get back to his Deadly 60 day job.

Following rumours a few weeks back that Ola was 'bullying' Steve, the two showed a united front on It Takes Two. But once again there are whispers of decent.

A source told the Daily Mirror“Steve has been telling people he can’t wait to get back to the day job, he really isn’t enjoying himself and has been really ­troubled by the show process. He has spent years tackling wild animals but Ola is one tough cookie he cannot crack. In front of the camera and when they are out they act like friends but behind closed doors they still aren’t getting on. He can’t wait to get back to his ­adventures and do his own thing.”

Steve didn't have the best week in Blackpool, and has not been in the judges' favour in recent weeks. Unless he really changes his game this week, Steve could be nearing the end of the road anyway.


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