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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Service: Week 9

It was wonderful to have Claudia back on Strictly Come Dancing this week. We missed you, Claud!

The week after Blackpool can often be a let-down after all the excitement of the Tower Ballroom. That was the case for some, but not all.

I have no idea what happened to Steve this week. His jive was really not very good. It was heavy, flat-footed and looked under-rehearsed. He looked like he was looking to Ola to find out what came next. That said, the lifts were excellent. He lifted Ola with strength and confidence.

It's such a shame Caroline stumbled near the beginning of the American smooth, because it seemed to knock her confidence a little. Pasha's choreography was stunning. I loved the sequence of lifts at the end. Her footwork was good. I have to agree with Darcey that Caroline could have extended even more, but Caroline's lines are usually excellent, so I would put this down to her being more tentative following the stumble.

I have to say that I didn't like Pixie & Trent's Charleston as much as I have liked some of their other dances. She looked a bit gangly in places and her knees looked too bent. It was good, but it just didn't do it for me.

I really liked Mark & Karen's tango. The storytelling was great. Mark had excellent hip swivels. He lead Karen well. I loved the attack Mark brought. He just needs to make sure he is completely upright at all times, as he was leaning slightly over Karen in places.

Why did we not see the feet on Frankie & Kevin's flekerl? Rubbish, BBC! They danced the Viennese waltz with confidence, with lovely swing and sway. She seemed to be missing a few heel leads. I'm pleased that someone has finally done a Viennese waltz to What's New Pussycat?. I can't believe it's taken 12 series!

Jake & Janette's samba was a bit wild for me. It seemed to be all about Jake's snake-hips, and not much else. It looked uncontrolled. It lacked the traditional samba bounce. I liked the running promenades, and the natural roll. It was entertaining, but it didn't make me want to rewind and watch again. I didn't think it deserved 10s.

I liked Sunetra & Brendan's waltz. It was a return to form for Sunetra. It was mostly relaxed and smooth, although there were times when she seemed to be hanging on to Brendan rather than dancing with him. I agree with Len that it was a little shaky in places, but overall it was pleasant.

I loved Simon & Kristina's salsa. It was a complete party. The armography was brilliant. The lifts were confident. He looked totally at ease in the dance. It was such a pleasure to watch. Simon is finally hitting his stride in the competition, and it's great to see.

I'm not sure why Craig gets grief when he is picky, but no-one bats an eyelid when Darcey does. Must be all in the delivery.

My favourites of the night were Simon, Mark and Caroline. The bottom two have to be Steve and Sunetra, and as much as I love her, I think I would send Sunetra home.

Here are the videos...

Steve & Ola

Caroline & Pasha

Pixie & Trent

Mark & Karen

Frankie & Kevin

Jake & Janette

Sunetra & Brendan

Simon & Kristina


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