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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Service: Week 5

Halloween was one of my favourite shows of last series. Last night's show didn't quite live up to last year, but there were a couple of gems. And it's worth tuning in just for the costumes and make-up.

After Russell's comments throughout the week ("I am samba"), I was expecting somthing pretty special, but I found his samba a little disappointing. There were a couple of mistakes, and a few times he seemed to be looking to Flavia to remind him what to do next. For me it just didn't have quite the same amount of charm as some of Russell's earlier routines.

Sometimes, I don't notice when music is reused, but when it's a dance that sticks in my head, I find it jarring. Love Potion No. 9 will forever be Bill & Karen's cha cha for me. However, Chelsee & Pasha's tango was pretty good. It had pleanty of content. Chelsee could have been sharper, but it was still good and less wild than her earlier routines. It was a shame that she felt as though her costume was letting her down, as it made her lose it. Usually I would usually expect the participants to carry on regardless, but not when they're in danger of exposing themselves. I'm sure Chelsee will be demanding something with more support and control from future costumes.

The jive was never going to be Audley's dance in a million years. It was very heavy footed, and his feet were like massive hooks on the flicks and kicks. I didn't really like that Natalie repeated the chorus choreography, but I presume this was because they were limited for training time this week. On the plus side, Audley looked like he was having fun with the routine.

I found Alex & James' paso a bit cringy. Alex's arms still tend to be a bit scarecrow-like, and she just doesn't seem to feel the music. I liked the story and choreography from James, but if Alex can't raise her game soon, she be heading out the door. And Bring Me To Life is another one of those seminal Strictly songs for me - Sarah & Brendan's paso.

Holly & Artem's American smooth was one of the most original routines we've seen on Strictly. For me, it didn't have enough foxtrot content, but that's usual for one of Artem's routines. Holly's legs were a bit too flexed throughout the section in hold. Holly's lines are lovely, but some of the transitions between steps are a bit clunky. But it was so intriguing, and it seemed to suit Holly quite well.

Nancy & Anton's routines, which started off straight, are now deliberately comical in places, but are still tragic. Nancy really does need to keep her legs together more. Nancy is an attractive woman, and looks great when she's posing, but her dancing is just abysmal. I cannot believe that she is still there. It's just not funny anymore. I presume they were aiming for 'sexy' with the rumba, but is was just embarrassing.

I loved the opening of Harry & Aliona's tango routine, with the masks. In fact, it was some of Aliona's best choreography to date, even if it was still lacking in content a bit. As Len remarked, when he's in hold, Harry is great. Let's see more please! Although I doubt Aliona will listen - she didn't when they made similar comments about Matt Baker. Harry's characterisation was great, and of course, he has excellent musicality. Harry's best routine to date.

Yes, Robbie is a great performer. Last week he was channeling the Swayze, this week it was Michael Jackson. The little Jacko notes were quite nice. But otherwise, Robbie & Ola's paso was just mid-table for me. I want to see more of Robbie's own style again. There were so many other interesting routines this week that this one was just lost in the middle.

Anita & Robin's tango was another one that was just mid-table. Anita's characterisation was excellent, but the tango just wasn't sharp enough for me. The judges were right about her posture, and perhaps that was all that was missing to turn a good tango into a great tango.

Lulu & Brendan's paso was OK, but not mind-blowing. Lulu's entrance, exit and costume were the most interesting parts. Lulu does seem to have more focus now than she had in earlier weeks, but I'm starting to question if we have anything more to see from her. Is she already at her full potential?

Jason & Kristina were just brilliant. I loved the quickstep routine, I loved the performance. They were so in sync. Everything worked. It's so good to see Kristina finally show off what she can so. I've not been a Jason fan so far, but last night Jason was gold. Fantastic musicality, and I didn't see the mistakes which Craig commented on. It was brilliant.

Jason was easily the best of the night, followed by Harry. Once again, it should be Nancy's time to go. I'd put Audley in the bottom two with her, as his jive was pretty week. Any other routine, and it could have been Alex or Lulu in danger.

If you are voting for Nancy & Anton, please leave me a comment to explain why...

Here are the videos...

Russell & Flavia

Chelsee & Pasha

Audley & Natalie

Alex & James

Holly & Artem

Nancy & Anton

Harry & Aliona

Robbie & Ola

Anita & Robin

Lulu & Brendan

Jason & Kristina


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